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If one thinks about it, contracts matter a lot. They set the rules of engagement - in business, in employment, and in almost every other area of life. They matter when things are going smoothy and everyone forgets they even exist, and they matter even more when things are rough and everyone is re-reading and paying close attention to every clause. They matter so much that shoddy contracting can be a very, very expensive proposition, no matter how cheap it looks at the outset. Simply using a contract found online, without the benefit of review, redrafting or a realignment to meet your short, medium or long term strategic goals, is the legal equivalent of trying to drive a car while blindfolded - you may get lucky, but it more than likely won't end well.

So, what to do? Jidé Afolabi, your Ottawa Contracts Lawyer, can readily assist. He'll help you navigate the complexities of reviewing and suggesting changes to your contract. He can also draft contracts from scratch, or help you re-negotiate contract terms.

The idea of signing a contract can be deceptively simple, but the truth is that there is a reason why they call it "signing your life away". It can not only feel that way, it can actually be that you are giving away very important options, abilities or even funds, all without being aware of those consequences. In short, the unease people feel when signing a contract they don't understand is warranted, but it doesn't have to be that way. What's more? Help with your contract can be more affordable than you think, especially when you consider the alternative.

So, don't delay, get in touch with Jidé today, getting it right can make a world of difference.

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